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From Mrs Allum July 2014 "Instead of Daddy I took my daughter last week to Little Scrummers , it was great fun and I really enjoyed it! I can see why our Daughter loves it so much. Last year she didn't want it to be Christmas because it meant 'scrummers' was on a break! We recommend it to everyone as it's such a great class, learning lots of skills and disciplines for all sports and life in general" 

From Mr. D Shorland, July 2014 “…I have just taken a look at the pictures (from a photographer at one of the sessions) and they are really good, not just of 'O', but of all the children. It is difficult (as a parent on the sidelines) to sometimes see how much enjoyment the children are getting out of it, however looking at these pictures I think nothing more needs to be said....the coaches should feel a great sense of achievement to see these great pictures and how much the children enjoy themselves..."

From Mrs. Krane, July 2013 “…The classes are lots of fun and the coaches are fantastic! My son particularly has really grown in confidence during the classes, which has been a delight to see. Thank You for running such a great group..."