About Little Scrummers Rugby

Founding Statement: We want to bring rugby to children at a young age to enable them to build their confidence, enjoy sport and have fun

Little Scrummers Rugby Story

Little Scrummers Rugby was set up in 2009 after looking around for an activity that our rugby mad three year old could take part in. We found something, went along and realised it was not for us, but we could set something up ourselves that would offer more of the ‘rugby’ experience we were looking for. And so Little Scrummers began!

Mission Statement & 
Company Values

  •  To engage children in rugby – in mind, body and spirit
  • To inspire moments of greatness – through our classes and as a family
  •  To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage

Little Scrummers Rugby Values

Our shared values that we are guided by are:

  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • By encouraging children to live a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age childhood obesity will become something of the past.

Our Concept

As a business we are passionate about delivering a fun, rich & exciting programme of rugby based games for Children 18months – 7yrs old.

We are insured to take children from 18months, but feel it is very important not to go by age, but by ability and steadiness on their feet. Starting a child too early and when they are not ready will only impede their love of sport and the game of rugby.

Fun and Excitement are central to our classes!

We like to encourage families to attend our sessions, and believe that rugby is a family sport and can be enjoyed by everyone, from playing, to coaching to watching from the sidelines. Grandparents love to come along and watch their grandchildren enjoy the classes.

Our classes provide somewhere where the coaches are passionate about rugby, believe in the family values of rugby and are committed to encouraging children to find their passion.

Join us

If you would like to Join Little Scrummers Rugby, first your child will have to come for a FREE trial which can be arranged here. Once your child has completed their free trial, you will be invited to join automatically a few days later

If you have not received an invite to join please contact Andrew and Holly at mail@littlescrummers.com