We currently have 19 venues across 6 counties.

Saturday Mornings: Classes held on the Pitch (Approx. Mar-Oct).

When outside we are on the grass area outsde of the clubhouse.

Please dress accordingly.


Outside Address: CHELMSFORD RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB, Coronation Park, Timsons Lane Chelmsford Essex CM2 6AG

Inside Address: CHELMSFORD RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB, Coronation Park, Timsons Lane Chelmsford Essex CM2 6AG

Chelmsford Classes

Classes at Chelmsford are priced at £7.00 and are divided into the following age groups and times:

18m - 3yr - Time: 08:30 - 09:15 am

3 - 4yr - Time: 09:20 - 10:10 am

5yrs + - Time: 10:15 - 11:10 am

Chelmsford Terms Dates

We run 2 terms a year. These fall in line with the main school terms and are as follows:

17th April 2021 - 17th July 2021 (14 weeks)

4th September 2021 - 11th December 2021 (15 weeks)

Chelmsford Coaches

  • Cameron Storey - Lead CoachCameron has played rugby for Chelmsford RFC since the age of 8 and has loved every minute of it! He also plays rugby for his school and county as well as cricket and basketball for school. He is studying for his GCSE\'s and will be taking his RFU rugby ready course this year.
  • Steven Windrim - Junior CoachI am insanely passionate about rugby, and as a born South African I guess it runs through my blood. I started playing the game aged only nine and played at varying levels up until 2017, when I emigrated to the UK. On the coaching front, I assisted with coaching junior levels (u12s mainly) at local schools, as well as that of a University u20. I am so pleased to hear that it in the UK it is being promoted on a club and organisational front. Other than the obvious health and social benefits, sport is also a great leveller. No matter what creed or colour, when you step out on that pitch you are all equal. So in essence it instils in the youth important principles of tolerance, respect and humility! Over and above all of the aforementioned though, I would have to say, that the key element to playing is just for the pure enjoyment it offers! So this is the main attitude I intend to impart on youngsters looking at taking up the game.